So of course, it’s Valentine’s Day, and because you people like love so much, I did something for y’all!

Chances are you’re coming from the State of Dabar site after reading the penultimate episode. Well, here’s a bite-sized piece of Daniel and Larissa’s little history. Have yourself a treat!!

Larissa absentmindedly tapped her fork on her plate, a rather sly expression on her face.

Daniel looked at her from the other side of the table and sighed, a grin on his face. “Hey you,” he called out, reaching for her free hand.

She looked at him shyly, then gave a little giggle and stuck out her tongue, turning her attention to the waitress who served them earlier, as she approached the table with a beaming smile on her face. “Hello, Mr and Mrs Dolphyne, would you like some more apple juice?”

“Not yet, please. We’ll let you know when we need more,” Daniel responded, a mischievous grin on his face as Larissa’s darkened.

“Uh, please ignore that. Yes, I would like some more apple juice,” she said to the waitress, who stifled a laugh at the mischief written all over the face of the newest husband in town.

“Nahhhhhh, it can wait.”


The waitress burst into laughter at this point. “Well, sir, let me heed the lady’s command. I’ll get you a glass right away.”

“Thank you, darling,” Larissa responded gratefully as she walked away. She then shot Daniel a hard look. “Young man, I’m in a very good mood right now, and I will not have you pour water on it, do you understand?”

Daniel mock scoffed. “Oh, please. As if I’m not the one who put you in that good mood. Supplied you with a good dosage of glowing delight. Triggered the happiness switch in you with some sweet, sweet work.”

“Oh, lawd, Danny!” she laughed out loud. “You dirty boy!”

“Well… we are married, so technically, it ain’t dirty no more.”

Larissa shook her head, smiling. “On a serious note, though, you have no idea how thankful I am that we finally managed to make it work.”

“Oh, yeah. All those badman thoughts I’d been harbouring about you before the wedding weren’t wasted. It was scary at a point…”

“Extremely scary, Danny! After that disastrous second night, you have no idea how bad my thoughts were. I was terrified. Had a bad feeling we were probably incompatible, and we’d probably never have that kind of fun together. And probably no children. And that really messed me up so much! That’s why I was so glum yesterday.”

Daniel smiled and touched his wife on the chin. “Me too. But thank God that’s not the case now, right? We just had to take our time.”

“Oh, of course. I guess it had to happen slowly for us.”

The waitress returned with a tall glass of apple juice, placing it right in front of Larissa. “Here you are, Mrs. Dolpyhne!”

“Thank youuuuu! And uh, please don’t give this man anything else. He doesn’t deserve any more breakfast,” she said, pouting and pointing at Daniel, who rolled his eyes as the waitress laughed, certainly amused by the playfulness of this very young couple.

As she departed from the table, Daniel shook his head and finished the rest of his breakfast.

Well, the breakfast he managed to eat, as Larissa managed to steal a piece of bacon and the last sausage on his plate. Something she constantly did to him whenever they went on a date. He was used to it at this point, so there were no protest.

Sitting back and wiping his mouth with the napkin, he said to her, “You know I’m in it for the long haul, right?”

“You say?” she asked, taking her time to eat the sausage.

“I said, you know that I’m in it for the long haul, right? That this is only the beginning of our lifelong journey together?”

She nodded, smiling. “I know, my love. I know too well.”

He reached for her free hand and held it in both hands. “Larissa, it’s been 3 years already. From the day our eyes met at the STC yard, to our first three dates, to this. Baby, I am convinced without a doubt that God has it in His will to have our lives intertwined. You’re the most beautiful girl in the world, the sexiest girl in the world, the smartest and sharpest girl in the world… I-I dunno what to add. You’re just incredible, Lari, and this is just the beginning.

“I am looking forward to walking this path with you. I know we still got a long way to go, and your friends think you’ve sold their freedom and bla bla bla… all I know is that, I am praying that 20 years from now, there’s only one name that will make my heart jump, and one name only: Larissa Nana Adwoa Ekumaa Darteh Dolphyne. I promise you, there’s no other woman that will ever come close to you. None.

“Just like I told you when I proposed to you, I see an incredible future with you. With your future in the law, my future in the banking sector, our babies that we’ll be having… can’t wait.”

She smiled, her heart warmed by the words of her amazing husband.

“Me too, Daniel. Me too. I see the future, and it’s you and only you. Beautiful family, good careers, lots of money… all with you. As for those friends, and even those my family members, they’ll talk. They’re probably talking right now, as we speak. But I couldn’t give a damn, Danny. We’re in this for life, and I certainly ain’t going nowhere. No matter what comes up, I’m all for you.”

“Yeah. No matter what Uncle Ben, or Auntie Yaa Rose, or Clayton says, this is us. And we will finish this journey of life side by side.” He kissed her hand. “I love you, Larissa.”

“I love you too, Daniel. More than you’ll ever understand.”

The two twenty-year olds gazed lovingly at each other, reveling in each other’s presence. This was no doubt what they wanted: a life spent with each other.

“I also can’t wait to fight with you, and use my lawyering skills to beat you hands down!” she added mischievously.

This elicited another eye-rolling session from Daniel. “You these law students and your funny proclamations. Huh! You are not gonna bully me with your legal stuff.”


“Going back to your room?” the concierge at the entrance of the restaurant asked as they stepped out.

“Yes please,” Larissa responded, sweetly curtsying as she stood close to her husband.

“Nice, nice. It’s always a delight to have beautiful newlyweds like you having a wonderful time here. Makes it worth all the work we’re doing for you. I see you’re both very young.”

Daniel nodded, a grin on his face as he felt Larissa wrap herself on his left arm. “Yeah. We’re both twenty years old.”

“Oh, I see! You didn’t wanna waste time at all, eh!”

The two of them laughed and shook their heads. “Not at all,” Larissa answered. “Just a simple court marriage, with our parents and a few friends.”

The concierge nodded. “Sweet. Well, I see many like you, and believe me, all I desire is that you’ll go through this journey to the end. To see young couples like you always brings me joy, and I just pray that this continues. I pray that these smiles and giggles and laughter will carry on deep into your marriage. May all those who want this marriage to fail be disappointed! May you have beautiful children! May you become a prime example of what a blessed and beautiful marriage is! May you be dedicated and committed to each other through the good and the bad times, and always be inspired to finish this race together. May you be in for the long haul. In Jesus’ name, amen!”

The couple, who noticed the concierge seemingly switch to spiritual mode, had their hands up, receiving the blessings that had suddenly poured forth from his mouth, responding with a big ‘Amen!’

The concierge seemed rather surprised at how he had switched. “Oh, wow, I did not see that coming. Happens sometimes.”

“Oh, no problem at all, Mr…”

“Ocran. Benjamin Ocran.”

“Mr. Ocran. Thank you so much. There’s most definitely a reason why you were led to do that.”

“Oh, indeed, indeed. I’m actually a lay pastor. I don’t usually do that, with work conditions and all. But yeah, I guess the Holy Spirit has His reasons for this. Anyways, lemme not take your time. See you later!”

As they waved and walked away, Larissa turned to Daniel excitedly. “Danny, you heard that, right? He used the same words you used? ‘In it for the long haul’!”

“Yeah! That’s why I said there’s a reason he suddenly went on that prayer thing. God’s on our side, my love. This is what He wants.”

“And it surely will come to pass, baby. It’s you and you alone, Daniel. You, me, our future kids… the future is nothing but bright.”

“Yessss!” Daniel responded. “Bright and beautiful. Just like that body of yours.”

“Danny, behave yourself!” she scolded, although the glint in her eye conveyed her delight at his compliment.

As they arrived at the elevator, Larissa stepped forward to press the button to their floor. Observing his wife’s delightful curves accentuated in her cute flowery dress, he moved forward to murmur saucily in her ear, “Anybody tell you how delicious you look in that flower dress?”

Giggling as she noticed nobody else standing around in the hotel lobby at that moment, she stayed mute as she deliberately moved back, rubbing herself against her husband.

The stunned and triggered look on his face provoked more giggles from her. As the elevator door opened, she teased, “See you later, handsome,” stepping in and watching him, giving him a wink.

Daniel shook his head as his hands stretched to block the elevator from closing. His face took on a hungry expression with a wicked smile to boot as he and Larissa stood face to face in the elevator.

“Damn, I love it when you tease me like that.”

By the time the elevator was closing up, Daniel and Larissa Dolphyne were busily failing to keep their lips away from the other.

Just a display of passion between two lovebirds enjoying their honeymoon, determined to ensure their love story would be a long, beautiful one.

And long and beautiful it has been indeed! Well, I pray as you’ve read this, you’ll experience a marriage as beautiful as that of the Dolphynes. Ladies, you deserve a Daniel Dolphyne in your life. My guys, you deserve a Larissa.

Well, that’s my Valentine’s Day offering. In the next two weeks, we pay homage to the 3 ex-servicemen here. Stay tuned for that!!