So this old poem is a memory of when I realized I had let go of a painful part of my past that really affected me. lol. It’s honestly relieving to be freed of a burden of unforgiveness, you know. Anyways, no long talk, here it is…

So I saw her at the mall

About 4 years since that last day we met, with so much to say, and no time to say it.

We embraced, said it had been ages, asked each other what was going on in our lives.

A brief chat between old friends, and then we went our separate ways.

As I headed towards the exit,

A warm feeling of satisfaction enveloped me as it hit me how better off I was with resentment’s exit.

As it hit me how free I felt.

A couple of years earlier, when I had the highest of hopes for this friendship,

One afternoon, the sum total of her impassive actions and voiceless inactions cut me to the quick,

Left me wounded and hurt.

A bleeding heart lay inside my ribcage as I soullessly walked the streets of Mataheko that night,

Eventually arriving at my hostel in an inebriated state.

Dozing off in a stupefied mood, wondering how she could have been so cruel.

The next day, witnessed a new birth.

A new birth that really should have ended in stillbirth.

A new birth of a bitter and caustic young man.

I was an angry young man.

Bitterness gliding over my head in Caps Lock with piercing Word Art graphics,

I became corrosive and savage with the way I put words up on Facebook,

Statuses were nothing but VX in calligraphic form,

And God talk was just a costume for my forlorn state of mind.

I held a flaming coal in my palm, yet I swore to myself she was the one screaming in agony,

I was the one with arsenic in my system, but I thought she would drop like MLK when that bullet sadly struck him on that balcony,

So delirious, those around me became victims of my wrath,

Premium madness engulfing my mental the longer I made my way down this path.

I was so confident in where I walked, unaware of my compass trying to indicate to me that I was lost,

I had tied my spirit and friendships to the stake and supplied rancour with the Smith & Wesson as they took in deadly shots,

But as time went on, these scales started to lose their grip on my irises,

As I realized the level of usefulness this stronghold had on my life.


So as I walked towards the exit,

I saw how beautiful a decision it was to drop the indignation and walk towards peace,

I saw how huge a debt of gratitude I owe the Lord for taking me out of that destructive phase,

I saw how mentally and spiritually useless it is to keep the arsenic in my system.

Forgiveness is a beautiful thing.

Indeed it is! Stay tuned for a special short story here on Valentine’s Day. We’ll delve into the love life of the heads of the Dolphyne tribe, Daniel and Larissa. Looking forward to it!!!