So we’re already a couple of days deep into 2020, and so far so good, despite the Australian fire and the USA-Iran beef. But anyways…

As far as this blog is concerned, hopefully it should be a little more active. Considering how much music is coming from the camp of a record label I’m familiar with – Power Circle Music – expect a couple of reviews here and there. There will definitely be a couple of top 10s (or 5s, or whatever number I have at my disposal).

If I’m able to, I’ll also talk about the TV series I’ve been watching (although that will most likely come at the later part of this year.

You already know by now that State of Dabar is now the home of my major stories. This place is still there for poems and short stories, though. So there will be a few of those here. Including a Valentine’s story.

Yeah, I know you people like love things, so X gon’ give it to ya!!

As for State of Dabar, the major ongoing series ‘Meet The Dolphynes’ is in its 2nd season, and will run for another 2 seasons. The aim, at the end of the day, is to make it an addictive storytelling platform you love to visit. So I can tell you for a fact that there are lots of story ideas being worked on, and under development. A lot of them being stories I wrote many years back, with major facelifts. If you’ve got your own work that you want on my platform, hey, don’t be afraid to hit me up and send your serialized story to

And of course, anything personal I want to write about will be here. I pray against having to write posts as painful as These 1st 2 Months; don’t wanna lose anyone dear, chale.

So that’s how it’s gonna be. This is definitely not gonna be a dormant blog, so stay tuned!!

Oh yeah, and please, check out Word To Archippus as well!!

May God’s will ultimately be done!