So this year, I definitely ended up watching a lot of series, or TV shows, and this article is to list them in order of what I really, really enjoyed. These series are not limited to just 2019 stuff, though. Basically, if I watched it in 2019, it finds a spot on my list.

Of course, a few distins to note: There is the possibility I will drop spoilers. And yeh, it’s my list, so if you disagree with anything, well, sorry. Is it by force to agree with you? Nah. Loooool. Let’s go, now!


I absolutely love Suits! Definitely fits comfortably in my top 5 series. I loved the characters, from Mike Ross to Harvey Specter to Jessica Pearson. I especially admired Jessica. One helluva lawyer she was. Tough lady. So imagine my excitement when word came out that a spin-off series focused on her was coming out. I was super hyped.

The end result? Well, it wasn’t terrible at all. But my expectations weren’t exactly met. It was a good first season, with some engaging storylines, particularly Yoli’s mother’s deportation problems and the love triangle between Bobby, his wife and Keri. And Jessica was at her usual best. But it wasn’t as exciting as I was expecting it to be. Nonetheless, I was hoping the first season would be a platform for more engaging seasons. Sadly though, it’s been cancelled, so that’s the end.

Most memorable moments: Where there any? Well, I’d go for when it was revealed Bobby was married, indicating he and Keri were in an illicit affair.

Most memorable characters: Jessica, of course. At her best. Then there was Keri. Her conflict over her affair with Bobby made her an interesting character. Yoli was cute, but annoying sometimes, with her no-filter attitude. And Angela, Jessica’s cousin, was the most irritating person on the show. Petty, entitled, cocky. I did not like her one little bit.


Can I be honest? As much as this had me glued to my screen, I honestly think this series should have ended at season 2. It’s overstaying its welcome, in my opinion. I honestly had no intention of watching season 3 until the tagline came out, announcing that the most hateful character on the show had been killed. Season 3 had a lot of mystery around it, with each episode uncovering the layers slowly, as we wanted to know who killed Bryce.

Most memorable moments: Tyler telling Clay about the sexual assault had me teary-eyed. Bryce’s reaction after hearing Hannah’s tapes had me convinced that the guy really regretted all he had done. Justin confessing that he had been sexually abused had me staring at the screen like ‘WHAT!’, and the description afterwards to Jessica really gave me the chills, like damn!! 💔💔

Most memorable characters: Bryce Walker was the easiest person to hate in the first 2 seasons. I mean, a shameless rapist who couldn’t give a damn. But he changed in season 3, and suddenly, I so wished he hadn’t died. He deserved a second chance. There was universal hatred for Ani, but I didn’t despise her that much. And might I be the only person who does not like Clay? Probably.


I heard a lot about this series, how awesome it was and all that. So I decided to check it out. And I’d say it was good. Centred around the commercialization of superheroes, it focused on the Seven; a bunch of deeply flawed supes, and a group of peeps with an agenda against them.

Most memorable moments: Billy Butcher’s Spice Girls talk. Absoultely deep and hilarious! Homelander letting the people on that condemned plane die was nothing short of creepy. That ending of the season, where we see that Billy’s wife has been with Homelander all that time was a stunner. And what Popclaw did to her landlord?? That had me cringing!! 😣

Most memorable characters: Billy Butcher, of course! Mr. F***ing Diabolical! His accent and potty mouth make him pretty funny. Homelander seemed like such an honourable superhero, but then he reveals the wickedness within in time.


For some reason, I really found myself interested in this. So I was on it by December 21st. And I must confess, it was a good one. The story of Geralt, Yennefer and Cirilla is an interesting one on all accounts. Some people are lauding the first fight scene which culminated in Renfri’s death, and I agree; it was pretty epic. My problem, like many others, was how the timelines seemed very confusing every now and then. And a number of nude scenes involving Yennefer got super annoying. So unnecessary, in my opinion. But it was a good watch.

Most memorable moments: The first fight scene between Geralt and Renfri’s men, as aforementioned. Then many scenes involving Jaskier being hilarious. And the season finale, namely the battle between Sodden and Nilfgaard, with the mages at the center of it was absolutely awesome!

Most memorable characters: Jaskier is hilarious! Sucks how nasty Geralt was to him, but I hope that’s resolved in season 2. For some reason, I like and dislike Queen Calanthe; she had some despicable traits, but I still took a bit of a liking to her. I like Yennefer’s transformation too, but as I said, too much nudity for me.


After hearing that this is one of the greatest series ever made, yet somehow underrated during its run, I decided I had to give it a watch. As I write this, I’ll honestly admit that I’m yet to complete it (I’m done with season 2), but this has been engaging enough for me to say that it is pretty awesome. Dealing with a phenomenon where 2% of the world’s population suddenly disappears, it looks at how certain families deal with the aftermath thereof. The first season is slightly more straightforward, but season 2 delves into some supernatural stuff that is pretty intense.

Most memorable moments: When the Mapleton people rioted after the Guilty Remnant made those dummies and brought them to their houses. Then the ‘International Assassin’ episode was where The Leftovers really charted a crazy path: Kevin going to the world of the undead to deal with Patti.

Most memorable characters: Nora and Kevin seem to me to be the main ones in this series, and following how things unravel in their lives is captivating. Jill was extremely dry and apathetic in season 1, but became a little brighter in season 2. I’m tempted to mention Erika Murphy, but that’s honestly only coz Regina King’s eyes fascinate me. And of course, there’s the Guilty Remnant, who irritate the living daylight out of me. I don’t blame the Mapleton folk for getting so violent on them.


I heard a lot of high praise about this one, too. It’s only after I finished it that I discovered some critics are comparing it favourably with the almighty Breaking Bad. That should tell you a lot. Anyways, it’s just two seasons, but lawd, they were good. Especially season 2; that’s where I saw things really taking shape. Plot twists aplenty. And as much as it’s a dark comedy, there’s more dark to me than comedy. But yeah, the story of Barry Berkman is a crazy one, and with the story not yet over, all you can wonder is if the titular hitman will be caught soon, or he’ll continue to escape. One thing’s for sure, this is definitely one great antihero in the making.

Most memorable moments: When Barry killed his friend Chris. That shocked me big time. His breakdown afterwards was not the least bit surprising. The major ones were in season 2, though. Like the end of episode 4, which had a plot twist that had me literally shouting out, “WHAT!” (funny enough, that’s the title of the episode). That leads to the ‘ronny/lilly’ episode, which has received a lot of praise, and rightly so. That episode is crazy from beginning to end. And the season 2 finale saw Barry descend into a really dark place: a crazy killing spree. Madness. And the cliffhanger has us Barry fans wondering what’s next; will Gene believe the truth that Barry killed Janice, or he’ll discard it?

Most memorable characters: Barry Berkman is one deeply conflicted character, no two ways about it. As to whether he’ll find peace, we don’t know. NoHo Hank is one of the funniest and least violent mobsters you’ll ever watch. Fuches may have now become the major antagonist, given how he messed with Barry and narrowly escaped getting killed.


I had heard about how legendary this show was, despite never being as popular as The Sopranos or Breaking Bad while on air. So this is what I spent my entire vacation hooked on, and I was invested. One thing is for sure, this series has this element of realism that’s hard to ignore. I tend to think the lack of a score contributes to that. Life in Baltimore as you see it. It was an enthralling tragedy that just reveals life in that side of town. The fourth season, which is often lauded as one of the greatest seasons of TV ever made, was super exciting, with the introduction of the young boys, as well as Marlo’s evil duo, Snoop and Chris.

Most memorable moments: Wallace’s death apparently hit many fans hard, but I unfortunately knew that before watching it, so the one that cut real deep was D’angelo’s murder. Those of Bodie and Omar got me sad, too. Stringer Bell’s murder came so quick for me. Then there was Marlo’s ‘My Name Is My Name’ moment.

Most memorable characters: Obviously Omar Little! The dude who robs drug dealers for a living. Marlo Stanfield, the coldest bastard in Baltimore. Guy had literally no feelings or sentiments. Get in his way, you gone get got (slang for getting killed in Baltimore). Bubbles was also a pretty special character, too, and I’m delighted he had a happy ending, after all the difficulties he endured, especially at the end of season 4. I also had quite an affinity for Kima, and to an extent, McNulty.


This is, literally, the best sitcom I’ve watched in ages (if you’re a Parks and Rec fan, you most likely read that in a Chris Traeger voice). I went through all 7 seasons during the first term of the academic year, and I was supremely hooked. Madness, the beauty of relationships, government work… it’s all in here, and it’s unforgettable! Plus, it introduced me to one of the greatest and most beautiful TV couples ever made: Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope! God, I love that couple so much!! 😩😩😩😩

Most memorable moments: considering I went through 7 awesome seasons, the memorable moments are many. To mention a few, the weddings of April & Andy, and Ben & Leslie. 70% of Ben & Leslie moments. That Ron Swanson tooth removal cold open. The Tammy 2 episodes. When Ron and Leslie made up after their beef. These are just a few. I’d honestly have to write a whole article for just Parks & Rec.

Most memorable characters: Leslie is this cute, ambitious, silly lady who’s hard to not love! I admit, season 1 made her look a lil too stupid, but after that, it was much better. But yeah, Leslie is awesome. Ron Swanson! The man’s man. That deadpan expression, his hatred for government, vegetables and invasion of privacy is legendary! April Ludgate is memorable too; her apathetic, goth loving attitude had me laughing all the time. Sassy Donna, the office scapegoat Jerry (or Gary or Barry or Terry), Jean-Ralphio (the woooooooorrstt!)… look there are just too many!


I already watched the first 2 seasons back in 2017, so this was long overdue. But understand this: Daredevil is in my top 5 for sure! Riveting and exciting from beginning to end! And season 3 did not disappoint me at all! Hooked from the first episode to the last, especially with the introduction of Agent Poindexter, who turned out to be a really dangerous dude. Wilson Fisk was his usual evil but lovable self (dunno why, but he’s my all-time favourite TV series villain). And Matt Murdock with his internal struggles and kickass moments.

Most memorable moments: When it was revealed that the nun taking care of Matt was actually his mother. When Poindexter arrived on the scene as the ‘fake Daredevil’ (I still couldn’t believe how skillful he was), and the season finale: that 3-way fight between Matt, Poindexter and Fisk literally had my heart pumping! I knew Matt wanted to kill Fisk, but I didn’t want him to die. Especially not in front of his beloved Vanessa. Thankfully, he didn’t.

Most memorable characters: Season 2 had Frank Castle, an absolute beast who was unforgettable. The writers didn’t disappoint in bringing Poindexter, who was revealed to be a pretty disturbed guy with a haunting past. His descent into wickedness was inevitable. Wilson Fisk was still the evil villain with a soft heart for his dear Vanessa (I think it’s the love he visibly showed her that made it impossible for me to hate him in any way). And of course, Matt, Karen and Foggy were all memorable and further developed in the last season.

So that’s what kept me glued to my laptop screen when I had time. There are some I’ve put on my future watchlist, including 30 Rock (this is honestly coz of Tina Fey), Veep, Boardwalk Empire… and the great Breaking Bad. I might give The Sopranos a shot, too. But let’s see what God will do in my life. Loooool.