So a new academic year is underway (well, the first half is pretty much almost over at this rate), and before school commenced, I was looking through Latin phrases when I chanced upon this.

And it speaks volumes to me.

Its meaning is simple: pray and work.

I thought about it further, and it sunk deeper.

You know, we find ourselves in an era where sometimes, people deem one paramount and the other is unnecessary/not as vital as the other. But with this little quote, I couldn’t help but interpret it in a totally different light.

It’s not complex at all. I think about it this way with regards to my school work…

ORA… because except the Lord builds the house, the builders build in vain, and without Him, you can do nothing. Pray concerning whatever it is you find yourself doing, because without the grace of God, you can do all the work you can possibly do, and it will come to naught. Without divine help, I can study every single thing in the books, yet I’ll not pass my exams.

LABORA…  because faith without works is dead. I know I will make it through. But that sure as heck does not mean I have carte blanche to be lazy and not put in the needed effort. Matter of fact, not only am I being a big idiot, I’m also displaying my ignorance of what faith is. The Holy Spirit isn’t there to learn for me and pour all the stuff into my head in the exam room. Nah, He expects me to make a move and do what is expected of me.

This is how it ought to be. Pray and work.