So until April, for the past 13 years, I had never stepped out of the borders of GH. And I must admit, I was totally comfortable with that. After all, it’s not by force to travel, abi?

Lol, well, as the new year began, obviously, my mind was on getting through the semester successfully. Then, I was told by my parents that for the month of April (where we had an Easter break), we had a little family trip to an awesome place: the beautiful city of Dubai!

Awesome, right?

Well, to be honest, I wasn’t very enthusiastic about going. Mainly because I had the tiny issue of BAR EXAMS to think about, and a vacation sounded like a bad idea. There was little I could do, however, because excluding myself would pretty much upset the planned balance. So I just adjusted myself to it. And by this, I mean that I had my notes and all a part of my luggage. Man could not cut the studying out at all!

So we went on our Easter break on the 17th of April. I left for Accra that same day, and the next day, by 6 thereabouts, my parents and I were comfortably seated in an Emirates plane, setting off for Dubai.

In case you’re wondering, I got the window seat!!

So we spent about a week and a day there (my sister came from the UK to join us. One major reason I thought pulling out would be wack, coz chale, family is more important than IEC), and after such an awesome time, what was it about the city of Dubai that left me inspired?

Simple. They make the most out of the little they have.

For a place that can’t boast of many of the natural resources a lot of countries possess, the development level there is superior to many. One major thing I noticed was how there were still so many buildings under construction. Obviously, the next time I go there, there will be more structures.

Anyways, lemme go through some of the experiences I was privileged to have whilst there…

Burj Khalifa. The world’s tallest building. 828 m tall. And I got to be there, on the 124th and 125th floors. The view up there is awesome, although it’s probable you’ll get super uncomfortable if heights aren’t your thing. The city looks so cute and small from up there. What was funny to me was how all the skyscrapers looked so tiny. Amazing infrastructure, by all standards.


Did I mention that getting up there is so fast? And that the normal feeling you get in an elevator is absent? (No kidding, we were at the 124th floor in less than a minute!)

Wonder Bus. The bus that doubles as a boat! This was one of the last things we experienced before coming back to GH. This was undoubtedly another pretty lit journey. From the meeting point around one of the many malls in Dubai (BurJuman, I believe), we found our way to the Dubai Creek, where the bus took on its boat identity and we had a sweet time seeing different sides of Dubai. The tour guide, though? Such a friendly and fun human being. Such a pity I can’t remember his name.

Ski Dubai. Did y’all know you can experience winter in Dubai? Yep, you can. Inside the Mall of the Emirates is this awesome place called Ski Dubai. My sister and I went there, and oh lawd, it was unforgettable! We tried out the Zorb Ball, Chairlift Ride, Mountain Thriller among others, and to say we had fun is almost an understatement. Chale! Too epic!

By the way, did I ever mention how much I adore penguins? After all the fun we had, we went to have an encounter with the penguins. Another lovely experience. Just that I was freezing real bad. Sitting in one spot was really getting to my bones. But don’t worry, I didn’t embarrass myself when it was time to take pictures with the penguins.

Toby is more photogenic than some human beings I know! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

At the end of our session, one thing was for sure: the money spent on those Ski Dubai tickets was definitely money well spent.

Desert Safari. Listen, listen, listen… if you’ve visited Dubai and you did not experience this, I humbly submit to you that you’ve cheated yourself badly. I mean, without a doubt, that was the most memorable experience of the trip. Only one word to describe it…


From the moment our Syrian tour guide (who I won’t forget any time soon) picked us up from the hotel in the Toyota Land Cruiser, the day just went from normal to incredible.

So first, we went for the quad bike ride, where we had about 20 minutes of fun.

Then when we were done, we joined our tour guide who then suddenly gave us a crazy dune bashing experience. To explain, it means he took us through the desert area, driving up and down the sand dunes. Now let me tell you, sitting in a car on a dune bashing ride is NOT for the faint-hearted. At all. Our hearts were in our throats all the way through the ride, chale. Herh! It was obvious our guy knows that side of the desert pretty well, so we were alright. It was still scary as heck, though!

We found our way to one of the campsites around, where many others were. While we waited for the evening show to begin, there was time for camel rides, henna painting… and the chance to dress up in Emirati traditional attire.

Your Sensational Highness, ladies and gentlemen! 😌😌

The evening show was a memorable one. From fire shows to belly dancing, along with some good food, 9:00 pm came too quickly. But hey, they say something about good things coming to an end or something like that. Not that I totally believe in it for anything, but… whatever. The Desert Safari trip was the highlight of my time in Dubai!

Oh, and we had a Naija couple with us to share the experience with. It was a pleasure getting to know them.

After all those experiences, coupled with visits to a few of the many malls in Dubai (Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Outlet Mall, Deira City Center and Festival City Mall), we returned to GH (and my sister back to the UK) on the 27th.

(And guess what? I got the window seat yet again! Woohoo!)

And as I already mentioned, one major thing about Dubai that inspired me is how they make the most of what they have. Their ability do that is the reason it’s one of the most visited cities in the world. How I pray more countries in Africa make the most of what they have. Africa, which is already a beautiful continent with beautiful countries, would certainly be in a better position than it is now. Of course, I’m tempted to mention how things would be better if all the corruption and the misplaced priorities (I’m looking at you, dear Parliament) and stuff wasn’t such a staple of our governments, but that would lead me to write an article within an article…

So, the trip to Dubai really inspired me to aim high and utilize what God has given to me. I may not have much, but if I’m like the faithful servant in the parable of the talents, increase surely will come.

And yeah, it invoked a love for airplanes! If you have my number on your WhatsApp list, you’ve probably noticed how often I’m posting airplane pictures. It inspired some and irritated some (for those who were irritated, too bad!). I certainly can’t wait to experience the service on different airlines in the future, because Emirates provided a fantastic one.

So that’s how I was inspired by the city of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (yeah, that’s the Ruler of Dubai). That’s one experience I can check off the list. Still looking forward to having the Heritage Caravan journey, among many others.

And please, you need to have that experience for yourself. Trust me, you’ll love it. Therefore, hustle oo, hustle!!