Hey y’all!! So after an intense session of exams (ugh, the stress! Lawd, I’m exhausted), I’m officially back on the blogosphere!

So this post is mainly for some announcements.

There’s one thing that is permanent in life: change. And sometimes it sucks, but sometimes too, it’s awesome! And I’d have to say this is on the awesome spectrum. Hehe!

So, if you’re a loyal visitor to this place, you may have realized that M & D isn’t visible anymore. Yeah, there’s been a change. Machshabah & Dabar has undergone a bit of a USSR thingy. A division, so to speak. Here’s the breakdown…

This is officially Machshabah. From now on, this blog is gonna be a lot more personal. More things concerning my own thoughts, experiences and personal poems and the like. Qwamenah is going to be more open in this space now…


Then, we have a new blog site: State of Dabar!! This is the major deal. So, about the series I’ve been serving up for the past three weeks? This blog is entirely dedicated to them! Yep! The State of Dabar is where you can get lost in the world created by Q himself, following the love triangle of Marcus, Temwani and Allison in Start Over, seeing Chris meet his son in Long Journey, and Nii Ajei’s road to recovery in Of Voices And Vermin.

Oh, and you know what? This time round, I’m stretching myself with regards to the series. More sub-plots, longer episodes… and I’m trying out a seasonal thing! Should be exciting and challenging.

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And yeah, there’s a third blog: ‘Word To Archippus‘. That one is solely dedicated to my devotional articles. Based on a scripture that sticks too deep, Colossians 4:17, I certainly hope the content on that page will be a blessing to y’all.

To Archippus (2)

So as far as series are concerned, I’ve had my share of enjoying the works of others, and I truly believe it’ll be a good idea to share some of the most riveting ones I’ve read here. You know, those kinds that get your emotions all invested and stuff…

  • Marry Me by Joseyphina: Yeah, this series really captured my attention. Like, proper captured. Of course, that’s not the only one you’ll find on her blog, Joseyphina’s World, but it was one of the first I read, and I was super hooked. If you’re like me, get ready to scream at your screen in frustration at some of the characters!
  • No. 654 Brown Street by Beckhar: This was another captivating series! Didn’t like the central character too much in the beginning, but I ended up liking her later. This, too, is definitely worth the read, along with the other works she’s got.
  • Know Thy Man by Kenikodjo: All her series are riveting, to be honest, but I had to choose this, because it’s the first one I read that had me becoming a fan of her works. There’s one name you’ll definitely want to remember for this. Prosper. That’s all you’ll get to know for now.
  • A Perfect Marriage by Selorm_Speaks: Yo, this had me in my feels, chale!! Toying with my emotions in the most infuriating/best way possible. I don’t need to say much. Might start off slow, but trust me, you’ll binge for real!
  • Glover’s Cafe by Tsetsewaa: The current series I’m following. I know she’s definitely got other works I’ll have to check out, but for now, this is also worth catching up on.

So, these are the new changes!! Do make sure you follow State of Dabar and Word To Archippus! And get ready for the new series!!

Coming soon…