April is almost done, and I’ve been occupied as usual, but at least there’s something I can share here…

It was a quick 5 minutes.

The door kicked down.

The screams and the fierce barks.

Cocked guns and raised hands.

Vocal arrest warrants issued to suddenly vulnerable souls.

Iron clicks and rough shoves.

And now he sits at the back of the car with red & blue flashing lights,

State of mind more sour than citric acid as the wheels move.

With both hands in a steel matrimony, and a future that suddenly seems to have nothing but bad in store,

He wonders, where did it all go wrong?

This was supposed to be a smooth execution.

Flawlessly done in the dark.

With pre and post-calculations done more accurately than Isaac Newton could ever even attempt.

I was tense when I pulled up to the house that night.

It took a deep breath and a reminder that the blueprint was fail proof to calm me

Every movement in tandem with the layout, not a soul set its sights upon my black-clad frame,

The knowledge of my presence in that bungalow was foreign to every homo sapiens range,

The actions were quick,

The silencer effective.

When it was all over, I had left a man and his wife decorated with bullet holes.

Everything that could possibly leave forensics and criminology befuddled, I did.

From tossing the pistol into the depths of the river to settling those clothes aflame.

Then I checked out of the city and settled down in another part of this nation’s domain.

Ten months on, and it felt like I had successfully snuck my way past the law’s watchful eye.

It was all good just a week ago.

Freedom like a cool breeze upon a sweaty face,

A taste of Twix to a sweet-toothed toddler,

Chilled water down a parched throat.

Now it’s raging bonfires in my belly as I head for this station.

But how did they catch up with me?

No CCTV in the house that night, and I swear the neighbours never heard a pin drop.

Every little bit of evidence was eliminated and I conscientiously concealed each corpse.

How did they catch up with me?

He continues to wonder, unperturbed by the loud sirens.

Answers are unsolved Rubik’s cubes.

Everything was all good just a week ago till this sudden bust-in.

As to who and how the tip-off and tracing was done…

Only the authorities know.

The only thing I know is that eventually, nothing concealed will be hidden foreverโ€ฆ