So your MCM is closing out the month with this one. This has been sitting in my drafts for years now. It’s about time I start letting a lot of them out. Anyways…

It’s 1:45 am, and I still can’t catch some sleep,

I shake my head as I look at the other person wrapped up in the sheets,

It’s been another night of shots on shots on shots,

Fury the intoxicator,

Accusatory assumptions and aggressions taking this union to uncomfortable places,

I’m not gonna lie when I say I’m tired.

I know this road won’t be easy, but it shouldn’t be this way.

I lean over and tap her on the shoulder.

She rolls over and says, “What is it?”

Shut eyes.

Deep sigh.

Then I start.

“Listen, baby girl. These past few weeks have been tough for us.

We both knew that a smooth road as one flesh is a straightforward fallacy, but I didn’t expect this journey to resemble such a cataclysmic catastrophe,

I mean, look at us.

Once upon a time, we referred to each other with the most sugar coated of pet names & titles,

Now our convos are nothing but wet hands touching livewires and pulled triggers on loaded rifles,

Vitriol is the only thing we share from the early twilight till way after the sun sets,

The words we share that were once so sweet could now be considered binary the way they’re constantly intense,

I know we may have differing opinions on things, but these fights leave me emotionally paralyzed,

Having me wondering if all those happy times were just a temporary paraglide,

But it can’t be. It must be that little thing called ego in us that’s the troublemaking parasite.

Listen, I’m sorry for every time I give you wrong signals, you know I’m no malfunctioning satellite,

But let’s stop this constant fighting coz it’s not helping.

We have to set things straight, this relationship needs braces,

Coz I’m sick of coming home always bracing myself for the worst.

Sick of the sticky pride that keeps our horns daily locked,

Sick of this beef that’s keeping us more divided than the slices in a pizza box.

Sick of the way we’d rather cling to our right to be right than drive a dagger right through our pride.

Please, it wasn’t meant to be like this.

Can we make up and do better?

I wanna move from always fighting with you to setting my sights on the powers behind the scenes and fighting them with you.

We’re on the same team for life. We can do this.

Baby, I know we’ll never be the skilled sailors we should be if we only get to experience calm seas,

But can we please endeavor to ensure that everything’s alright between us before we sleep?

Let’s not allow sunrays to go down on our anger.

Let’s not let the stars be witnesses to us turning our backs to each other.

I don’t wanna go to bed mad at you anymore , and I don’t wanna have you go to bed mad at me anymore…”

Unmoved, she snorts and turns the other way, saying, “I hear you. Have a good sleep.”

Thanks for reading! 🙃🙃😏😏